6 Beauty Hacks that will change your life

Hey, guys!

After some weeks of waiting and boredom, I’m back with a new Blog post! In the last weeks, I searched for some Beauty Hacks. At first just for myself, but after some days, I found a lot of good Hacks. That I would like to share with you! Today’s post is all about Beauty Hacks with coconut oil and baby powder. If you want to read more about Beauty Hacks, just leaf a comment down there!  You can find these products in the drugstore for some euros. They are absolutely worth their price. I use them nearly every day! Stop chit-chat and let’s get started with the Hacks!

1. Body oil

Next time you will have shaved your legs, you should try this Hack. Take a little bit from the coconut oil, grind it in your hands until it gets liquid. Then you can massage your legs with the oil. They will smell wonderful and I promise, you had never got soft legs like this!

2. Never get Razor burn again!

Did you know this awkward feeling after you had shaved your legs/armpit? The days of razor burn are counted and over! After your next razor, you should use baby powder. Rub the baby powder on your legs/armpit and the burning feeling won’t come

3. Hair mask

Do You want smooth and beautiful hair? Put some of the coconut oil in your hair laces and wait 30 minutes. Then wash your hair as normal (It’s enough to wash your hair with Shampoo). Your hair will get Wonderful smooth. And if you have Curly hair, your curls get more defined.

4. Diy Face Mask

This mask is a thing of luck. 😀 If you have „good skin“, that means it isn’t oily or dried out, then you will get the most smooth skin in the world. But if you have some dry places, the powder will lay down there. And you will get white places on your face :D. (Don’t worry they go away after some hours) So it’s your decision, do it or not, my tip is just to try it! Baby powder can’t damage your skin. It’s for babies, it must be good and gentle to your skin. Here is the very easy recipe. You need:

  • Baby powder (what a surprise!)
  • Water

Put 3/4 teaspoons in a bowl and add a little bit water. Don’t do the same mistake as I did, and add too much water. It must get a texture like mud. 😉 Then put the mask for 5-10 minutes on your face. Wash it with warm water off. Done!

5.Self-made Lipscrub

You love to scrub your lips, but the next Lush is 100 kilometers away and furthermore its way to expensive? I’m here to save your pocket and your lips! Melt a little bit coconut oil in the microwave, mix it with sugar (don’t be sparing with the sugar) and wait till it gets dry. It’s ready for use. In my mind, it is as good as the lip scrub from Lush!

6. Longtime Lipstick

Did You get invited to the party of the year? All cool kids are there, also your crush? You want to improve with a wonderful outfit and an amazing Makeup? But the only thing that won’t fit your perfection is the lipstick because he doesn’t hold the whole night? Just separate a tissue, put the transparent part on your colored lips and put baby powder on it. The lipstick will turn into matt and survive the Party of the year!

That’s it for today! I hope that the Hacks will help you for the future! But don’t forget. life isn’t all about Beauty! A good character is a lot more important, but therefore, you can’t find Hacks on the Internet, it’s for yourself to be nice and gentle! If you liked the Post, be sure to follow my Blog! Didn’t read my last Post? Catch up here!

Question for todays post:

What do you love about yourself? <3

Have a wonderful day and make the best out of it!
Kisses, Hannah Nele!

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