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8 things I want to improve


It’s Happy Sunday! That’s why I’m back with some inspirational Post. The last two weeks were kind of hard, but they are over, so I don’t look back! I won’t tell you how much I must learn for school because you all know that time. 😉
Today it’s about a little critical theme. I show you what I want to improve in my life, maybe it’s a little inspiration for you. I love posts like this because I mostly can identify myself with the Blogger and it shows that also Bloggers are just normal persons. If you have thoughts like, »Wow this Star has a wonderful life« or »I never can be like him/her« then please remember always: We are all human ♥

1. My attention

I think I’m already a good friend/daughter/stranger, but I noticed how bad a lot of people are in listening to others. Yes, I’m also one of this people. I always have something to talk about and do so, but sometimes I catch myself interrupting other chats or the story of my best friend. I realized it in some conversations with people that are just more interrupting than I am and oh my god that’s really nerve wrecking! So I want to improve this bad habit, maybe you should also listen sometimes a little bit better, your friends and family will be thankful!

2. Time planning is everything!

I have a lot of duties and hobbies, so it’s very important for me to manage my Time. I already do this, but sometimes I still start learning one day before the test. That’s why I want to allot my time.

3. Spanish skills

As you know English isn’t my mother tongue, but I’m in love with this language and I also like Spanish, but I’m not so good with it. So my aim is that I can one day chat with Spanish people all over the world. It’s one of the big aim’s, but I will do my best. The funny thing is last year I nearly give up on this language, but since we have a new teacher I have new hope. 😀 And maybe she is reading this, Hello Ms. S. 🙂

4. Only good vibes!

That’s not really a thing I want to change or improve a lot because I’m already most of the time happy. But that’s a thing that is so important to me, that I can’t leave it out. Good vibes aren’t just the smiling faces, it’s a lifestyle. There will never be a day, I won’t smile at least one time. I love life and I love happy people! The most important thing: Don’t be ashamed of your smile and laughter, because a real laughter just sounds like an ill horse, but that’s what it should sound like!

5. To be more thankful

Sometimes in life, I wish that I could have things that other ones have. This goes for every theme in life, I want to have that Body from the Instagram models, that makeup skills from my friend and that hair from my mom. I know I’m not the only one that sometimes think’s like this, but we should be more thankful for what we already have! I have a ‚body‘, so I have a life. Okay, I haven’t makeup skills, but I have a very good friend. 😀 And I have hair. The point is, don’t take everything as granted, it isn’t!

6. Stop talking, Start doing!

I’m a person of promises and words, but until I really do the things I talk about it’s sometimes too late and this sucks. I will change this bad habit. No more words needed!

7. Photography Skills

This happens automatically. I hope so. Okay, nothing happens without yourself doing something, but I’m working hard on my pictures and I learn every day something new about my camera. That’s why I think my photography skills will get better with time as long as I keep trying!
If you are interested I can write a post, about my photography hacks.

8. Blog activity

School. Hobbies. Friends. Sleep. Blog.
The struggle is real dudes!
I will do my best!

That’s it for today’s post! I hope you liked this kind of Post and maybe you can use something from it for yourself. See you next Happy Sunday, have a good start into the week and don’t forget how amazing life is!

Keep smiling!
∼Hannah Nele

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