Life update 2017

Happy Sunday evening!

I hope that all of you had a nice Sunday and in total a good start into 2017. Oh and before I forget about it, Happy New Year! I mean it’s the 15th January, I’m totally okay with wishing you all a good year 15 days too late. But better late than never. Does this phrase exist in English? Today I’m just talking a little bit about some plans of mine and what’s waiting for you in 2017. If you don’t like chit-chat posts, switch to another one of mine or check my Instagram. I promise I make this Update quick and easy.



I think no one cares about this so I just want to mention that school is stressful sometimes and that’s why I can’t always post the Blogpost punctual, but I will try!
My plan for school? Just keep swimming swimming swimming. 😛

Family & Friends

I’m happy with the people in my life and wish all my friends and everyone in my family only the best! I think 2017 will be great with friends like I have!


I need a lot of it and I’m totally in love with it, food. I’m an absolute hater of diets and I think they aren’t good for your body, but I’m a friend of clean eating. This year I want to eat less of the fast food and sugar bombs and more of the tasty fruits and vegetables. Maybe I will post some receipes here on my Blog if you like this idea write a short comment with the hashtag #happyfood. I think this theme will match with my big theme happiness because the wrong food can also make unhappy and I want you all to smile more often! 🙂



I love doing sport in a lot of different ways Volleyball, Tennis, swimming, jogging or just the home workout, everything that makes me happy is good and sport is one big part of my life that makes me happy like no other. This year I want to improve my running a little bit and grow my muscles some centimeters. 😉


The most important part here, my blogging future. Even if I’m not always posting punctual I will keep doing, because I love it. I’m in love with sharing my life, my thoughts and my happiness with you! I’m planning some big things for you and a lot of happiness is coming here in 2017. 🙂 So keep reading and if you don’t want to miss a post of mine just follow me per Mail or your WordPress account!

That’s it for the moment, the next Sunday should come a new post! Do you have wishes? Let me know! I hope you’re having a good start into 2017. Have a nice evening and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

Keep smiling!
∼ Hannah Nele



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