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The best solution for every problem

You’re here because you have a problem or you are just interested in the BIG solution.
You may expect something expensive or unknown, but you’re totally wrong.
It’s so easy that you won’t think of the answer, but therefore I’m here giving you the key to solving your problems.
The answer to your everyday problems is…

Why reading?

 Reading is relaxing

When you read you are into a whole new world, the problems that bothered you all the day long are gone and your head got space for new things. After reading you’re more relaxed and you can solve your problem with a free head.

Readers learn new things every day

When you’re reading every day you learn new things, even if they seem to be irrelevant, they can help you one day. And if they don’t help you for a real life situation, they help your brain to remember knowledge. All in all, it actually makes you smarter this was shown by Anne E. Cunningham, an education professor.

Your empathize increase while reading

A study has shown that people that read a lot are more able to empathize with others.
That’s an important skill for your daily life, it will help you with a lot of social problems and you can also help your friends better with their emotional issues.

Reading enlarge your vocabulary

I think it’s obvious that you get new vocal when you’re reading a lot, but it’s an important fact so I don’t want to miss it in this post. When you read more you will sound like a genius or at the beginning no more like a child that only knows the basic words of their language. In application interviews, you will beat your competitors easily.

Smart is the new sexy

A study by Northwestern showed that smart people are more handsome than the others. „Glasses are the new Lamborghinis“, but if you don’t have glasses you can also read a book. You will see and be more intelligent and your chances to find a new partner raises.

Reading isn’t naturally

250 Mio. kids worldwide can not read. Most of them live in Africa and don’t get enough materials either the education to start reading. We are lucky that we can read, but I know that a lot of Youths don’t read and when they are reading they just read the newest tweet of Justin Bieber. Just remember that reading isn’t natural and we should treat it like a gift because it is.

This were my facts about reading and why it helps to solve a lot of problems.
Start reading today even if you just read 10 minutes a day, it’s a Start.
When you are already reading you will agree with me that it is the best way to calm down after a stressful day and clean your head.
That was my Happy Sunday with an activity that makes happy every time.
I hope you enjoyed it, show it to me with a like or a comment!

My question for this Post is:

What is reading for you?

See you soon and
Keep smiling!
∼Hannah Nele


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    02/05/2017 at 19:47 Reply
  • hansjoachimantweiler

    Liebende Hannah Nele

    Mein Englisch ist dürftig

    Die beste Lösung für jedes Problem
    Ist für mich das ich keines habe

    Aufgaben wohl
    Die ich lösen kann
    Jetzt oder nachher
    Alleine oder mit Hilfe
    Ich kann auch beschließen
    Dies ist nicht meine Aufgabe

    Die Idee ist der „Gordische Knoten“
    Das Ego erschafft Dir ein Problem und
    „Ach es werden von Tag zu Tag mehr“

    Ein aus der Sicht der Angst erzeugtes Unwort
    In Liebe betrachtet sind alles lösbare Aufgaben
    Nur die Angst und ihre Komplitzin die Lüge durchschauend
    Befreit von diesem kollektiven Alpdruck…

    Dir Joaquim von Herzen

    10/05/2017 at 20:40 Reply
    • Hannah Nele

      Ich kann einige Gedankengänge durchaus nachvollziehen, wollte mit meinem Post aber eher klar machen das man wieder mehr Lesen sollte um mal abzuschalten und den Alltag zu vergessen. 🙂 Danke für deinen langen Kommentar ^^

      10/05/2017 at 20:53 Reply
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