The worst advice and how to avoid it

My Blog got specialized with time and happiness showed of as one of the big things in my life. A thing that was always natural to me. When I got „older“ and made new contacts I recognized that not everyone smiles. Even if the sun is shining.

Happy world

I get to know people that seriously asked me to stop beeing happy because it’s nerve wrecking. That was the time my world got the first crack. Until it exploded when I started to understand the countless problems of our world.

Living between moody teens and being one offered me a huge selection of emotions, most of them tend to be bad. The puberty replaces the vocabulary of kindness with jealousy and ungratefulness. Of course, there are some exceptions but the large part fulfill the standards.

That’s sad and if I could I would change it. With the destruction of my old view, I learned that not everybody wants to change. I neither would save the whole world nor the population of 8 Billion humans. That was the moment I started to build my new world and know what? It’s again a happy one called Hannah Nele, including me, my Blog and you. I wanna be as happy as possible and share the positive vibes with you!

The worst advice I’ve ever heard

  • It’s too early to be happy.
  • Your happiness is getting on my nerves, stop it!
  • You can’t be happy every day.

All those things came from people that didn’t like me. As a naive child, I tried to make everyone happy even if that meant to destroy my own happiness. You understand yourself in this situation? Stop it! You cannot please everyone. A fact is if you’re a natural optimist you can be happy nearly every day, also at 3 o‘ clock a.m.

How to avoid those pieces of advice

As I already mentioned those bad bits of advice come from people that don’t like you. When you’re at my age (12-18) there are a lot of them showing it with dumb sayings. Make yourself clear about this. They are for the most part jealous because not everyone has the gift to be a happy person. The most important thing for you is to avoid those people in your friend’s circle. They aren’t your real friends.

Last but not least you must learn to stop carrying about the comments and thoughts of others. It’s easier said than done, I myself aren’t completely happy with myself if someone annoys me. Your life isn’t called your’s because other persons can influence it, No! It’s your life with your own choices. Do what your thinking is right and do what makes you happy. If you always listen to others you will never get happy.


You are going to work on a Monday morning whistling your favorite melody. Your mood couldn’t be better, why it is that good could only explain God by himself. When you open the office door your colleague is already sitting in front of the desktop. Your „Good morning“ fills the room with brightness, but your colleague seems to be immune. She looks up and asks: „Why are you so happy? It’s Monday. Stop it, I can’t concentrate.“ Baaam – most humans would sit down with a mood at least as bad as the of the colleague, but not you! Don’t get rude. Answer something like: „Concentrating is easier with a smile“. If you’re not that cheeky to say something just sit down and ignore the comment. Important: Keep your good mood!

I hope you learned something today. Even if it’s the fact that you’re not the only one with bad people around you. Don’t let them win, stay as you are, even if not everyone likes that.

This theme is too big for this Post, but if you want to read more about it I will post a more detailed one in the future. Let me know with a comment! Thanks for reading. For those who’s week is starting hard tomorrow, good luck and don’t let idiots ruin your day!

Keep smiling!
Hannah Nele

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  • Bryce Rae

    Yes, you are entitled to feel how you want to feel. There will times when people are jealous of other peoples happiness. All the best 🙂

    04/06/2017 at 21:57 Reply
  • Jane S. Susaeta

    Hey Hannah .I found you on one of the FB groups I am a member of. Love your site and I think I definitely need to read you regularly. I need a mood lifter sometimes!@ Keep up the great work, girl!

    Jane @ http://www.theblurbspot.com
    Hey, I am also inviting you to join my creative FB community : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1458522480835002/

    04/06/2017 at 22:48 Reply
    • Hannah Nele

      Thank you so much for your nice words! <3 YOur Blog is also looking very good, but the niche is not that perfect to me. 😉 (I'm not a mom) anyway your Blog is amazing! When you want to get regularly mood lifters you can subscribe to my email list, that would be so nice! 🙂 I will join you. 🙂

      05/06/2017 at 09:09 Reply
  • Laura-Simone (@Laurasimoneowen)

    This is such a good post and I completely agree with you!


    05/06/2017 at 09:41 Reply
  • echoesofhervoice

    This is such a happy and positive post! I couldn’t agree with you more. We all need to be smiling and happy. Thank you for sharing!

    06/06/2017 at 01:34 Reply
    • Hannah Nele

      Your welcome ❤️? If you want to recive my mood lifters every week, than you should subscribe to my email list 😉

      06/06/2017 at 09:04 Reply
  • Siyana

    I can’t imagine somebody telling me to stop being happy. I mean, what about you stop being grumpy?? Lovely post x

    03/07/2017 at 21:17 Reply
    • Hannah Nele

      That would have been the right answere 😉 Thank you very much! <3

      05/07/2017 at 13:15 Reply

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