4 big secrets about my internship that will change your life!

Starting with a little bonus secret. It was the best internship I could have wished for!
The people that worked there were all so nice and taught me in so many different ways. I not only started loving the job, I also learned some serious things about life.

Walk away today knowing 5 life changing things without doing an internship. Whereby it is never wrong to do an internship because it is the easiest way to find out what job fits you. Today you’re getting wisdom fast for free and without hard work. You’re going to love it! <3 

My internship

I’m going to lift the secret and tell you in which employment I worked during my Internship. Try to guess!

I had to be able to work with a lot of humans. My work clothes were all white. I saw a lot of blood. I need knowledge of human biology. My farewell present was a stethoscope. I’m saving lives.

You probably already know that I was working in a clinic. More specific a rehabilitation clinic. As I already mentioned, it was awesome. My „home“ for the 2 weeks of my Internship was the nurse station. They gave me a timetable with a lot of different Jobs I sneaked in during my internship. That was a great opportunity to have an overall view.

I was learning from nurses, psychologists, and doctors from different specializations.
A lot of people means a lot of words too, funny words, wise words and good quotes too.

1) We will die

I was allowed to listen to some presentations of psychologists and doctors. I was sitting in a presentation for depressed people, the whole room seemed to be a vacuum. I never felt the silent like this before. I was listening banned to the interesting words of the Psychologist until he said:
„Everyone will die some day“

To be honest I was thunderstruck because that sounded so hard. I wasn’t sure if depressed people should hear this. After he explained it, I understood.

Dying isn’t a shocking surprise we didn’t know before. It’s a fact we often forget about. Life is short. Start using your time for things you love. Meet friends, eat your favorite food and travel the world or whatever you do to be happy. Reading my Blog is also a solution. 😉

2) The only own you have is the present

A lot of people live in the past others in the future, but the only thing you should live in is the present.


  • I’m a pensioner I will travel the world
  • I have my „summer-body“ I will talk to her/him
  • I have built my house I will quit smoking

When you’re thinking like this you’re living in the future. Planning to do great things, but never do them, because of point one. Stop talking start doing.

In the Past, everything was better. But you can’t travel back! Living in the past is as dangerous as living in the future. It is hard to come out of this scheme. The best you could do if you wanna come out of it is to change your present so that you become happy. I know we can’t bring back important people, but crying every day isn’t the solution either. Get yourself up and use your time.

3) The importance of a good Fitness

Fitness means not to have a six-pack. It’s more about the things your body can do. Taking the Stairs instead of the elevator or running a mile because it’s raining and you forgot to take the umbrella with you this morning.

Having a good Fitness means to take care of your body and do sports in a way you’re able. It will lengthen your life. Studies and a nice doctor told me this. I’d ask you to trust me on this, but I’d rather let you decide by yourself. Wanna have a longer life? Do something for your Fitness!

4) Wish

„We have a thousand wishes, ill people have only one“

This is one of my favorite Quotes. I already knew it, but working with a lot of ill people made me think about it. We are never satisfied, the body isn’t „perfect“, the job brings to less money and the weather is bad. If you’re a little bit like me earlier you have those thoughts often.

Have you ever recognized that you only wish to be healthy again when you are ill sometimes? I have this already when I am only affected by the small flu.
The people with hard diseases have only one wish. Health.

Think of all your „problems“ and „wishes“ and now think of that one thing you have. Health.

If you’re thinking of doing an internship in a clinic, do it! It was some of the best experiences I had in my life. By the way, your questions are welcome! 🙂
I wanna thank the nurses and all the nice people that gave me great tips for my life, even if they aren’t reading my Blog. 😀

That’s it for today’s Post! I hope you liked it, let me know in the comments, please!
Tomorrow I will visit Dresden for 3 days with my class. This will be a lot of fun. Even if you’re not going on a class outing next week, stay positive and make the best out of the days!

Keep smiling!
∼Hannah Nele

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  • jillepille

    Sehr gute Punkte, die du da ansprichst und gut, darüber nachzudenken! Wie schön, dass dir das Praktikum das lehren konnte. <<3

    Liebe Grüße

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      Vielen Dank! <3 Wie gesagt ich hab so viel dort gelernt und bin den lieben Schwestern auch so dankbar für ihre ganze Freundlichkeit und Aufmerksamkeit, das waren einfach 2 wundervolle Wochen. <3

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