How your smile will get brighter

Since I specialized my Blog on happiness I have talked a lot about smiling. I would say that smiling is the key to everything, you should find out by yourself.

Not everyone is identical, as I’m a positive person I smile often. There is no day I don’t smile leastwise once. Are you not? If it is hard for you to smile, this is the Post your searching for!

I’m gonna show you the ultimate tip to smile more often!
I’m sure you don’t know my tip until now.
Make yourself happier through reading my Post!

Blog-Post Titel


The secret smile


Did you ever hear of Fake? Honestly, Who doesn’t? I bet you know at least one fake person in your circle. Fake people aren’t the kind of people we wanna hang around with. That’s why you should read the following tip carefully! I’m not gonna transform you into a Bitch instead I will gift you with the secret of Smile.

Someone smiles at you. What is your reaction? 90% would smile back or be happy about it. 10% are fans of Grumpy cat and imitate her all day long. Comming back to the majority, what is that secret that makes them happy?

It’s the existence of a smile. A smile can lift your mood just because it’s there. So the easy solution for being happy all day long is smiling?
Yes and No.

No, because…

There are times you can lose your smile and that’s okay. In those times it’s important to remember yourself to keep going. When your stumble and fall down your standing up again. It’s beyond debate. Remember doing the same thing in hard times. Stand up again and go on. If you had a hard dash you can sit for a while, but the important thing is to try, even if you stumble again. Life is too short to sit all the time.

Yes, because….

Smiling is a good beginning to be happy.  Your brain will think you’re happy aslong you’re smiling, even if it’s fake. The result is a happy mood! That’s how you could smile all day long. But having different feelings is a good thing. They are all essential and show you the huge variety of life.

My headline promised you two things. Making you smile brighter, that should be done with the last points, if not here is a Post about things to be happy about.

The second promise of my header is to make your smile brighter. I will tell you now.

Smiling is the best way to show teeth. This can be hard if you’re not feeling comfortable with yourself. You’re afraid of showing others your teeth because they don’t feel clean enough to you. Your teeth can make trouble because they ache or aren’t white enough. But those times are over! I have found two of the best tooth products for you.



„Zahnheld“ (Engl.= tooth hero) is a German company that designed a sonic toothbrush with 5 ways of use. Cleaning your teeth will start making fun.
You can switch from option to option through pressing the main button. The name of the actually used mode will appear on your toothbrush.
Those are the differents modes:
  • clean
  • white
  • polish
  • massage
  • sensitive

It’s a sonic toothbrush. Your teeth are getting cleaner than with standard toothbrushes. Another great fact is that the battery has a lifetime of 6 weeks! You can take your Gero everywhere without dragging the charger with you!

I tested the Gero from „Zahnheld“ for 5 weeks and can see the positive effects! My teeth feel cleaner and the battery is still working! I love the simple design and the different options that are given with the Gero. I’m overwhelmed from this toothbrush and sure you will be too!

Get your own sonic toothbrush by Zahnheld! Here.




Charwhite is a German company that had produced a wonderful natural teeth whitener. It’s the charcoal that makes your teeth whiter with every brush. I tested it for 3 weeks now and my teeth become whiter. Not like those fake pictures on Instagram, it’s a natural and slow progress. It’s only with the best ingredients and your teeth won’t get damaged. You can use Charwhite every day for a faster effect.

I would recommend you to use a different toothbrush than your normal one. The black charcoal will turn the brushes black, but that’s not a problem. Buy a simple hand toothbrush and you will be fine.

One pack of teeth whitener will work 3 months for you, by daily use. I’m using charwhite for 2 weeks now and see results. I’m really happy with the product and their support is also great.

Make your smile shine with Charwhite!

That was my today’s Post. Not on a Happy Sunday, but on a happy Tuesday. 😉
I’m in Mykonos at the moment, that’s why I skipped my last two Blogging Sundays. I hope you’re still there waiting for great new stuff. That will definitely come soon!

I will Blog about Mykonos soon! Stay tuned and make sure to follow my Blog so you won’t miss it.

Have a wonderful week and don’t forget to always:
Keep smiling
∼Hannah Nele
PS: Thanks to Zahnheld and Charwhite for offering me those products for Test!

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  • jeffsabrina1995

    That was a very interesting way to introduce two new products very good job. LOL

    I have a sonic toothbrush. And I’ve ordered some charcoal toothpaste from Thrive Market so I’m looking forward to that.

    22/08/2017 at 22:26 Reply
    • Hannah Nele

      Yes I wanted to make it good, I don’t promote things often but those was fitting to my theme, so why not? ??‍♀️?
      Great! Maybe you order one of Charwhite one day. It’s really good and I’m not only saying that because of the promotin 😉

      23/08/2017 at 03:56 Reply

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