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    How your smile will get brighter

    Since I specialized my Blog on happiness I have talked a lot about smiling. I would say that smiling is the key to everything, you should find out by yourself.

    Not everyone is identical, as I’m a positive person I smile often. There is no day I don’t smile leastwise once. Are you not? If it is hard for you to smile, this is the Post your searching for!

    I’m gonna show you the ultimate tip to smile more often!
    I’m sure you don’t know my tip until now.
    Make yourself happier through reading my Post!

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    The habit that wastes the most time and how to avoid it

    Welcome back and Happy Sunday everyone! <3

    I hope you had a wonderful week! If not, remember I always have an open ear for you! You can contact me here.

    We have a lot of unpleasant and time wasting habits. The most of them are well known, but we still do them.
    Social media is the time-killer number one. You know how fast time is passing when you’re checking Instagram and co.
    Surprise, it’s a lot!

    What if I tell you there is one thing that is even more terrible than social media? Don’t you trust me?
    Keep reading because in this Post I will tell you the most time wasting habit! The solution to avoid this is included!
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    51 free and easy good deeds to make the world a better place


    I believe in karma. Not the type that hits a person right after a bad act into the face. Sooner the one that hits a bad person some years later, but then with all her power. Notice: Karma will not follow immediately but it will follow.

    Karma shouldn’t be the reason you help people. Good deeds come out of the situation if your feeling that you’re doing the right. Every little deed could be a good one. Every little thing could make someone’s day. Always keep in mind:

    »You can’t change the world,
    but you can make a difference«

    I wanna give you some inspiration to make a difference. Even if the things seem small to you, try them out and convince yourself about the impact they do.
    Here are my 51 favorite small good deeds to do every day.

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    9 reasons why your Mom was right about Naps

    My Happy Sunday started turbulently, I overslept my alarm. Appeared too late to work and was sent home because they didn’t need me today. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to feel afterward, but it was only a piece of a whole day. And I’m positive that it will be good because I have the chance to made it a good day.

    Do you remember the times when your Mom had to force you to do a nap?
    In those days was doing a nap like a punishment. A total time waste of the anyway too short day of a 5 years old. Even the facts your mom told you, to make the nap, weren’t enough. „Naps are healthy“ or „Everything will be better after your sleep“ couldn’t convince you. Am I right?

    What if I tell you that your mom was right?
    What if you missed a lot of opportunities to get a more positive person through a simple nap? (More opportunities to become positive: here)
    Don’t panic! In this Post, I will list the advantages of naps that your Mom always tried to explain you!
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    The secret getting a more positive person

    It’s already Happy Sunday again! My last Post was about some things I’m happy about. It should have shown you that the little things in life are the one that makes us completely happy. What if there is a day/week/month that doesn’t run like it should? That don’t give you the opportunity to hold on and respect the little things? Because the big things seem to overcome you. Everyone has those times where smiling is hard and laughing inconceivable. Those times are comparable with thunderstorms dark and they run over the whole world. But even if it’s raining we can see the horizon. Keep reminding that, when a lightning crashes into your life!
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    23 Things to be happy about

    »For every minute you are sad
    you lose sixty seconds of happiness.«

    Sometimes life hits you right in the face with a frying pan, a hot one. And sometimes it’s hard to keep the good sides of life in mind, but there are so many! I wanna show you some of them today with my list of things that make me really happy. Maybe there are some things or situations we feel the same about.  Read more