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    Love is Love in Mykonos

    Welcome and Happy Sunday everyone!
    I hope your week was successful and you achieved your weekly goals. If it wasn’t, let it pass and go on for the next week. Everything will become better, if you believe in it and work for it.

    But today I’m not going to write about Motivation. I want to share the vibes of my summer holiday with you combined with some thoughts about love. Grab your favorite snack, lean back and enjoy.

    I’m so high above this small planet while I’m writing those first lines. Flying back to Germany, returning to my home. Already missing Mykonos, but happy about the great summer I spent there. The memories I have collected. The energy I saved for hard days.

    Mykonos is one of the most famous and luxury islands of Greece. That may be the reason for some tourists to come there. Spending a summer like the Stars, if the Budget is allowing them to do so.

    But it’s not my cause. Mykonos is sorta my Home because my father moved there. It was only my third time on this island and I don’t have Greek roots, but it’s where a part of my heart belongs. Because of my Dad. Having a father living in Greece has advantages and disadvantages.


    It’s a term you probably heard in your life. You may associate something totally different with it than the other readers or even me. That’s what great about it. You can’t put love into a definition It’s too big to be captured. Like the universe, it’s endless.

    Think of your understanding of love, your favorite memory about love. That’s how Mykonos feels. Especially when you’re standing at the lighthouse with the salty wind blowing around you and the sun melting with the horizon. Mykonos is in so many different ways special.

    Strong Flowers

    The nature may seem dismal to some unmindful people. I promise you, it isn’t. At some point in August, the dry and not really beautiful bushes start presenting their little violet flowers. It’s a wonder that there is growing something at all.

    When I discovered them I already now that I’m going to share a picture of them with you. Seeing them you will think they are not beautiful for sure. I thought so too, but you will recognize that they are strong. Growing where nearly no other plant does. You can’t see this strength because it’s hidden.

    We are all flowers, growing where we have been planted. You’re not able to choose your favorite place to grow up. But you have something stronger. Love. Starting by yourself. Growing with you every day. Even if your life will be hard sometimes, you can be as strong as those flowers growing in the desert.

    That’s why I love those Flowers. They make me feel like I could handle every problem. And you can too!

    Love is Love

    Switching back to Mykonos a fact I want to share with you is that a lot of couples love to spend their summers there. I was asked if there are a lot of gay couples. Yes. But is that important? Mykonos is the island of love, not of preconceptions. Love should be built on inner values, not on the best appearance. Why should we differentiate between love, if we not even have a definition fitting to it?

    Mykonos taught me about acceptance and made me understand that Love is Love. I hope you understand this now, even if you weren’t there yet. If you ever get the chance to visit Mykonos, take it! It’s not only a place to learn about love, it’s also a great island for Parties!

    Greek streets

    Walking through the Chora of Mykonos is calming and perplexing at once. The streets are small and filled with people, some of you will find this nerve wrecking some will love this feeling. The real Beauty is the shade of blue and white.

    The shops of Mykonos start opening in the evening and stay open until late at night. I highly recommend you to do a shopping tour in the night. It’s totally different and a fun way to spend your time through the night.

    Another nice way is sitting in a Bar, sipping a Cocktail and watching the tons of people pass by. Some drunk some dressed like Models. There’s nothing you can’t see in Mykonos. Plus the music at those Bars is very good!

    Now while I’m writing the last lines of this Post I’m sitting at my Desk. Kinda returned to the normal everyday life. Tomorrow school begins again and I’m looking forward to seeing my Buddies. Being afraid of what is waiting for you & me in the future is normal, but it shouldn’t stop us from going on. Let’s end this Post motivational. Go on! Life in the present and do your thing. It will be great!

    I hope you enjoyed the today’s Post and coming back next week! I wrote a lot about Motivation you can check it out at the end of this Post. Make sure you won’t miss anything on my new Blog and subscribe to my Newsletter. Have a nice evening and a great start into the new week!

    Keep smiling!
    ∼Hannah Nele


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    Welcome back and Happy Sunday everyone! <3

    I hope you had a wonderful week! If not, remember I always have an open ear for you! You can contact me here.

    We have a lot of unpleasant and time wasting habits. The most of them are well known, but we still do them.
    Social media is the time-killer number one. You know how fast time is passing when you’re checking Instagram and co.
    Surprise, it’s a lot!

    What if I tell you there is one thing that is even more terrible than social media? Don’t you trust me?
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    9 reasons why your Mom was right about Naps

    My Happy Sunday started turbulently, I overslept my alarm. Appeared too late to work and was sent home because they didn’t need me today. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to feel afterward, but it was only a piece of a whole day. And I’m positive that it will be good because I have the chance to made it a good day.

    Do you remember the times when your Mom had to force you to do a nap?
    In those days was doing a nap like a punishment. A total time waste of the anyway too short day of a 5 years old. Even the facts your mom told you, to make the nap, weren’t enough. „Naps are healthy“ or „Everything will be better after your sleep“ couldn’t convince you. Am I right?

    What if I tell you that your mom was right?
    What if you missed a lot of opportunities to get a more positive person through a simple nap? (More opportunities to become positive: here)
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